FOODSTARS – Apply for Horti-Tech Accelerator!

Foodstars is a new alliance to foster innovative startups in smart farming in metropolitan areas.

We founded FoodStars for three reasons: the Dutch horticulture and agri-food sector’s wish to work with international startups, its challenge to adapt high-tech innovations to the context of upcoming markets, where the need for innovation is high, and last but not least, its commitment to contribute to food security and the world’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Netherlands is one big metropolitan area, yet it is the the world’s second largest exporter of agri-food products after the US. That is why FoodStars focuses on fostering innovative startups in smart farming in metropolitan areas. As such, FoodStars contributes to feeding the world’s cities and important Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as SDG 12 (Responsible Production and Consumption).

FoodStars also aims to forge a lasting ecosystem for these startups. We believe there are many opportunities to innovate when people and ideas meet at the crossovers between different sectors. Together we can drive innovation and entrepreneurship for a more sustainable and healthier food production. It is high time that the Dutch horticulture and agri-food sector has an innovation and startup ecosystem that matches its reputation: the industry’s own ‘Silicon Valley’ to feed the world’s cities.

FoodStars mobilizes corporates, researchers, and investors to collaborate to invest in startups in smart farming, but also runs its own programs. Our first accelerator for innovative startups in horti-tech is now open for applications.

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