Churchill Scholarship Program 2018

Applying for the Churchill Scholarship

The Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States accepts nominations for the Churchill Scholarship from a limited number of Participating Institutions. If you are interested in applying, you should first contact the scholarship office at your undergraduate institution. Each institution will have an internal application deadline some weeks in advance of the Foundation nomination deadline.

The next nomination deadline for the Churchill Scholarship is:

  • Thursday, November 1, 2018 (5pm Eastern Time)

Application process

These instructions are for the 15 Churchill Scholarships available in science, mathematics, and engineering. Applicants for the Kanders Churchill Scholarship simply apply to the Master’s in Public Policy at the University of Cambridge and indicate that you would like to be considered for that award.

Before you apply

1. Check that you are eligible
The Churchill Scholarship is open to US citizens who are in their senior year or have just graduated from one of our Participating Institutions. Please check Eligibility before you apply.

2. Select a course
Choosing the right course for you can be far from straightforward, and you should check the Programs of Study page for a list of eligible and ineligible courses. Applicants interested in the MASt in mathematics should first read the Foundation’s guide, Part III Mathematics for Churchill Scholars.


1. Fill out the online application
Only online applications will be considered. Register at and fill out your application at that website.
You can look at an overview of the application questions here: Application form overview
In addition to the application form, you will also need to supply a 1-page Proposed Program of Study, a 2-page Personal Statement, your transcript, and correspondence with a potential lab supervisor (if applicable). All this is explained in detail at the online application portal.

2. Request four academic letters of recommendation
Please print out this form and hand it to your recommendation writers. They must submit their letters of recommendation directly to your institution’s Scholarship Office.

3. Apply to the University of Cambridge by mid-October 2018 (exact date to be announced)
The Churchill Scholarship is only tenable at Churchill College, so you must put Churchill College as your first choice on the Cambridge application. The Scholarship is only for a 1-year Master’s degree, so your application must be for an MPhil or MASt.

4. Complete the application
Complete your online application and press “SUBMIT.” Your application is not complete until your institution nominates you. Each Participating Institution can nominate up to two applicants.

Applicants are normally notified of the results by mid-January and awards are announced publicly by early February.

All programmatic and technical questions should be addressed to the Foundation. Please email or call 212-752-3200.

THE WINSTON CHURCHILL FOUNDATION OF THE UNITED STATES is committed to a policy against discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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