VSO Fragile States Consultant Job

Main objectives
This political economy analysis initiative will be seeking to explore and understand the political economy
conditions under which social accountability is being practised in thee VSO programme countries. It will also
explore the particular adaptations, designs and innovations that might be required to do effective social
accountability work and integration within VSO’s programmes using our unique relational volunteering

The specific objectives of this political economy analysis initiative are:
Objective 1:
To carry out macro-and local level political economy analysis that generate analysis and
recommendations that can feed into country Signature Programmes designs and Volunteering for
Development plans
Objective 2:
To identify and test the types of political economy assessment tools at country level as well as
community level that might be relevant to assess accountability contexts within fragile and conflict
affected settings referencing VSO’s rapid participatory political economy context analysis tools
Objective 3
To create learning and knowledge products on political economy analysis, including a risk
management framework that can support accountability programming within fragile and conflict
affected settings through accountability and the lens of the social accountability and the core
approaches more broadly.

Scope of work
The Social Accountability Core Approach will select three countries that have programming in fragile and
conflict affected settings. Within these countries we will pilot political economy context analysis tools and
generate analysis that can feed into social accountability integration plans at the country office. More
importantly, it is hoped significant learning will be generated that can inform key considerations for designing
social accountability initiatives within VSO programmes
We will be looking to recruit an experienced consultant that can apply political economy analysis tools to
inform accountability programming with expertise in using participatory tools. Specifically the consultant will
(i) Work with country teams to design an appropriate political economy analysis research linked to
one or more signature programmes
(ii) Review existing political economy tools and lines of enquiry used by VSO
(iii) Train a select group of volunteers, partners and staff in participatory political economy tools
(iv) Build in opportunities for volunteers to be both part of as well as being the subject of the
research to better understand what it means for different categories of volunteers to work in
contexts of fragility
(v) Build in a learning agenda into the research process so we can understand as an organization
what may or may not work in seeking to do accountability work within fragile settings
(vi) Design a risk-management framework that can be used to monitor risk for volunteers, staff and
partners when undertaking social accountability in these settings.

You can apply for this role by emailing Steadman.noble@vsoint.org or Joyce.Peshu@vsoint.org by November
20, 2018 with both a technical proposal and a budget for the work. We expect a total of no more than 50
person days for the entire assignment.

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