Biocodex Microbiota Foundation Grants Application

The purpose

The Biocodex Microbiota Foundation founds research projects focused on human gut microbiota related to health and disease. Every year, the call for proposals covers a specific theme chosen by an International Scientific Committee. Either clinical or fundamental research proposals can be submitted.

The maximal duration of the project will be 3 years.The applicants

The grant is open to physicians, PhD’s and Pharm-D’s working in the subject area (gastroenterology, pediatrics, microbiology, infectious diseases and internal medicine, etc).

There are no geographic limitations of applicants. Candidates from all countries are potentially eligible.

A principal investigator having already received a Biocodex Microbiota foundation international grant cannot apply anymore. However, principal investigator of a National Grant can apply for the International Grant.

The grant

The annual grant is set at €200,000 VAT included, independently of the duration of the project (between 1 and 3 years).

When the duration of the research is longer than one year, the payment of the grant will be spread annually and according to the provisional budget, under the condition that Biocodex Microbiota Foundation receives annual interim reports.

The grant will be awarded to researchers within universities, hospitals or other research settings in order to finance equipment, operations or staffing costs associated with the project. However, the grants will not be awarded to an individual.

The Biocodex Microbiota Foundation (BMF) is a non-profit organization and thus, the institution overhead costs cannot be more than 10%.

The review of applications

All applications will be reviewed by the independent International Scientific Committee according to the following criteria:

The proposal’s consistency with the predetermined subject
Its scientific quality
Its originality
Its benefit to human health
The quality of the researcher
The quality of the research environment
The feasibility of the project
The International Scientific Committee is independent from the Company and is sovereign.

Their decisions will not be contested and do not have to be justified.

The applicants’ undertakings

The applicants agree to provide the Foundation with a final report within the six months following the end of the project. However, if the project is longer than one year, they agree to provide an annual interim report, at each anniversary date.

The applicants will mention the Biocodex Foundation’s support in any communication or publication of their work with the following sentence: “this work was (partially) supported by the Biocodex Microbiota Foundation”. Applicant will send copies of these communications or publications to the Foundation.

The applicants authorize the Biocodex Foundation to publicize its support for their proposal and grants both on the BMF website and through other means by uploading the non-confidential summary of the proposal.

The postponement of the grant

If there are insufficient applications, the Foundation reserves the right to move the deadline for submitting applications to a later date or to postpone the call.

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