2019 Yenching Global Symposium


China has arrived. The stories of China’s arrival have been told through its politics, economics, and society. Wǒmen: Retelling the China Stories aims to identify key components of the global “China stories” and interpret them through a gendered lens.

The objective of this conference is to incorporate a gender nuance into the larger discourse on China. To this end, gender-related perspectives are the unifying thread through which we explore contemporary China’s most important issues.

Wǒmen: Retelling the China Stories moves Yenching Global Symposium forward in its vision of fostering the next generation of thought leadership on China through the symposium’s agenda-setting role.

The conceptual progression of 2019’s Yenching Global Symposium will be categorized into disciplinary sub-themes that narrate the China story:


This sub-theme will explore correspondences between gender and material resource distribution, and how this perpetuates gender-related phenomena across other levels of Chinese and international society.


This sub-theme will explore interactions among gender, legal dynamics, and political structures. Further, it attempts to understand how gender is considered and represented in making and assessing China’s policies across the local, domestic, and international arenas.


This sub-theme will explore ways in which gender is represented in China’s art, culture, and public sphere. Lastly, it will move beyond the Chinese context to view the implications of such gender-society linkages for a global society.

With the world at a crossroads and China’s undeniably prominent role in it, the 2019 Yenching Global Symposium seeks to explore contemporary changes in China with gender at its nexus.

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