FACTS Moving Frontier Programme 2019

What is Moving Frontiers

This is the name of a programme that we have developed together with the East Africa Trade and Investment Hub.

What we set out to do

As part of the initiative, FACTS will select and finance a total of 20 Agro-businesses in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  Financing is the responsibility of FACTS;  the support of the Hub is directed towards marketing, research and (supporting) training activities.

What companies do we target ?

This is explained in the Eligibility section.  The programme is strictly confined to Agriculture value chains, with a special bias towards companies active in grain value chains and/or regional trade in the Food & Agriculture sector.


The inaugural window of Moving Frontiers will run until April 30th 2019.  Applications for finance can be submitted until January 31st 2019 – but submissions will be dealt with on a first come first serve basis.  Based on the number of applications, FACTS reserves the right to move submissions to subsequent windows – of which the applicant will be duly informed.

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